Food Analysis and Testing Services

The QACS food microbiology Laboratory operates under ISO 17025 accredited quality system. Microbiological tests are performed on the basis of defined, appropriate and validated protocols. The methodology used in analysis implies analytical equipment like chromatography (HPLC, GC, GC/MS), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS, GFA, FIAS). Matrixes include a variety of Foodstuffs like meat products, dairy, pastry, ready to eat foods, sauces, refreshments, beverages and food supplements.

Microbiological testing services for the Food Processing industry, Ready to Eat operations, processing of Meat products, Dairy, Pastry, Soft Drinks, Water, Food Retailers, Hotels & Caterings.

Shelf life testing is to ensure that the food product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties, when stored under appropriate conditions.

Food label review, translation & marketability certification. The QACS food labeling team will review the label, the ingredient list, nutrition declarations for packaged food products.

Nutritional declaration analysis. Basic nutritional declaration (Type A) with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, sugar and salt, to calculate the energy of food, (Type B) with further analysis of sugars and fats, trace elements, vitamins and other nutrients.

Chemical testing services, determination of additives and impurities in foodstuffs and food supplements. Preservatives, Vitamins, Sugars, Trace elements, Metals, Mycotoxins.

Laboratory proficiency testing has become a routine activity for laboratories, QACS is agent of FAPAS the largest and most comprehensive analytical chemistry proficiency testing scheme in the food sector.