Food Testing and Shelf Life Analysis

Food Shelf Life TestingThe QACS team of experienced food technologists is at your disposal to propose Food Shelf Life Testing protocols to evaluate product shelf life. Specialized in accelerated ageing technology for Food Shelf Life Testing studies.
The QACS laboratory is equipped to offer a variety of controlled temperature and humidity climatic storage conditions. Food Shelf Life Testing is supported by appropriate analytical, microbiological and sensory testing facilities, operated under an ISO 17025 accredited quality system.
The objective of the Food Shelf Life Testing study is to evaluate and document the time period where the food product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties. Food deterioration can be accelerated by subjecting the food to controlled environments, followed by then quality evaluation and shelf life estimation. Short and long term protocols apply, depending on the expected Shelf Life.

Short term
The products are tested in real time up to a 10 week period of time. The shelf life test attributes are selected according to the product type and storage conditions. Applicable to: Pasty, Dairy, Meat products and Ready to Eat Foods.

Long term
The products are submitted in Accelerated Shelf Life Testing (ASLT) for a period of at least 3 months. The test attributes are selected according to the product type and storage conditions. Applicable to: refrigerated, frozen or dry storage long life foods. The stability study includes the evaluation of product attributes upon receipt and at defined time intervals.

At the end of the storage time, product attributes are evaluated. The testing combination depends to the type of product.
• Sensorial : appearance, color, odor and texture
• Physical-chemical : pH, acidity (FFA) and peroxide value(PA), assay of preservatives
• Microbiological : Total microbial count, Moulds and Yeasts, other Bacteria
• Compatibility between product and container
The shelf life test schedule is adjusted according to the product type and designated storage conditions.

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