The QACS Laboratory offers contract laboratory services to the Pharmaceuticals industry. The QACS laboratory is involved with the quality control, design, research and development of pharmaceutical proprietary medicines. In this respect, QACS Pharma, the team involved in GMP related functions offers services of stability storage, microbiological testing and analysis of active substances, excipients and end products. The key competences are in Preservation Efficacy Testing (PET) also known as "Challenge Testing for Pharmaceuticals", Stability Studies and method Validation..

Challenge Testing for Pharmaceutical products should be tested during product development for adequacy of preservation against microbial contamination which may occur under reasonably foreseeable conditions of consumer use.

Stability of drugs is defined as the ability of a drug substance or drug product to retain its chemical, physical, microbiological and biological properties within specified limits throughout its shelf life.

Validation of microbiological methods. Development and implementation of a validation protocol in order to document method suitability.

An experienced scientific team undertakes physical, chemical and microbiological testing in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia. Samples can be raw materials, intermediates, finished products, derived from production, product development or any process validation study. The QACS Laboratory is licensed by the National Organization for Medicines (EOF) for the microbiological testing of pharmaceutical preparations of human and animal use. Flexibe and reliable, the QACS Laboratories operate as an extension of the client business.

Our experienced scientists are ready to help determine the best and most cost effective pharmaceutical testing for your needs. We also offer a 24h courier transport service for EU based clients. Request more information or pricing list and see how our team can help you with pharmaceutical testing.