Stability Testing Cosmetics

Stability Testing for Cosmetics ProductsThe objective of the Stability Testing for Cosmetics is to ensure that the product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties, as well as its functionality and aesthetics when stored under appropriate conditions. Main scope of the stability test is to provide data by foreseeing the Stability of the cosmetic product overtime within its useful life span and the compatibility between the formulation and the container material.

Stability Testing for Cosmetics implies the use of protocols designed to include testing of the cosmetic product attributes which are susceptible to change during storage and which are likely to influence cosmetic product quality, safety and performance characteristics. The Stability Testing for Cosmetics study includes the evaluation of product quality at specific time intervals of a storage period under controlled conditions.

• Organoleptic : appearance, color, odor and texture
• Physical-chemical : pH, weight, assay of preservatives
• Microbiological parameters: microbial count and preservation efficacy test.
• Compatibility between product and container

Time is a crucial parameter in the development of a new cosmetic product. Real time Stability Testing for Cosmetics is not always feasible. To override time limitations, accelerated stability studies take place. These studies generally contain different accelerated storage conditions where the samples are kept in elevated temperature and humidity conditions depending on the type of the product and the needs of the market. Stability Testing for Cosmetics is performed when:
• New product development
• Reformulation on already marketed products
• Modification of the production method
• Production shift to a new production site
• Packaging modification, alteration at the type and the kind of the container

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