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Microbes could cause spoilage of food products leading to product recalls and economic losses. Also, food must be free of pathogenic microbes and complied with food regulations to ensure consumer safety. Our new molecular lab (DNA Microlab) is equipped with the latest technology to deliver fast and accurate results to cover your product’s needs. DNA Microlab provides genetic analysis solutions for Quality Control, Contaminant Detection and Microbiological Surveillance of finished products, air and surfaces using microbial identification via genetic analysis, the most accurate and reliable method of identification today.


We provide solutions for:

DNA Microlab, equipped with the latest technology, is your testing partner to examine and deliver product safety, regulatory compliance and results accuracy. Genetic testing can be offered in the forms below:

We provide you with the species name, information about ecology, taxonomy, growth conditions, possible pathogenicity and a brief description. Scientific guidance and solutions are being offered to further facilitate you in the investigation the microorganism’s source and proceed to root cause analysis of your microbiological problem.

DNA Microlab, member of QACS, offers complete menu of qualitative and quantitative GMO analysis to meet your testing needs. GMO testing is the examination of genetic modification presence on seeds, flour, feed and food. GMO testing is crucial for producers who want to verify the marketability of their product, fulfill labeling requirements and comply with EU Regulation (EC) No. 1830/2003 and EU Regulation (EC) No. 619/2011. We offer a wide range of genetic modifications tests for soyacorn and cotton and for other plant species.

Samples are analyzed for the detection of genetically modified elements P35S (35S promoter of cauliflower mosaic virus) and TNOS (nopaline synthase terminator of Agrobacterium tumefaciens) which constitute the majority of Genetically Modified varieties in the EU. Due to the presence of P35S and TNOS in many GM plants, they are used to screen for the presence of GM-plant derived components. Our new molecular laboratory, DNA Microlab, is equipped with the latest molecular technology, Real Time PCR and our experienced analysts are ready to offer results in fast turnaround times and in prices to suit your product’s needs.

Worldwide pathogenic bacteria are of growing public health concern. We perform fast and accurate pathogen detection via Real Time PCR to ensure the product’s safety.

Groups of consumers are sensitive to specific food impurities for health and cultural reasons (Gluten free, Halal). Authenticity of the species origin in food and feed products is crucial for consumer safety. We provide suitable tests to monitor and verify the quality of these preparations by applying very sensitive molecular techniques to detect food adulteration.

Our Methodology

The technique includes DNA isolation, a specific DNA fragment which contain information about the microorganism’s species (bacteria/yeast/fungi) is amplified via PCR, bases are tagged with a second PCR and consequently analyzed in a Genetic Analyzer. Finally, the sequence is compared with gene databases.

The technique includes DNA isolation and detection of specific genetic elements indicating genetic modification via Real Time PCR. If detected, a quantification analysis follows to quantify the extend of genetic modification. As a third step, if requested, the genetic modification could be identified.

Pathogenic bacteria of the genus Salmonella and others after enrichment are detected in 24h via Real Time PCR.

Real Time PCR analysis for the sensitive detection of pork DNA (HALAL) and other animal species in food products is conducted in routine.

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