Dermatological Cosmetic Testing

Assess tolerability, reveal potential irritants and allergic effects of cosmetics. We evaluate non-irritant & hypoallergenic claims and carry out established dermatological protocols such as Patch tests and Human Repeated Insult Patch Tests (HRIPT) based on current guidelines. QACS dermatological compatibility tests are in line with the declaration of Helsinki and GDPR requirements.

Patch test is conducted on 10, 12, 20 or 30 volunteers. However, you can customize the volunteer number depending on your needs.

During a patch test we apply a trace of the ingredient or the finished product on an occlusive patch. We then apply the patch on adult volunteers, directly on the skin of their back, for 48 hours.

After the patch is removed, our dermatologists perform a clinical observation of the skin effects. The irritant potential is ranked based on a predetermined scale that corresponds the irritation degree.

The results are classified as:

  • Negative (-)
  • Irritant reaction (IR)
  • Equivocal / uncertain (+/-)
  • Weak positive (+)
  • Strong positive (++)
  • Extreme reaction (+++)

We examine skin compatibility and allergic potential of final cosmetic products with Human Repeated Insult Patch Test (HRIPT). Allergic reactions and Hypoallergenic claims are assessed after repeated application of the product to the skin.

Our dermatologists:

  • Apply the patch with the product directly on the skin of the volunteers for a specific period of time.
  • Repeat the applications 9 times over a period of 3 consecutive weeks, the necessary period for possible allergy induction.
  • Allow for a rest period of at least 2 weeks without any patch applications.
  • Proceed with a single application of a patch on the previous induction site and on a virgin site for a specific period of time.
  • Check for possible induced allergies upon removal of the patches.

What we offer

  • experienced and qualified support by dermatologists and cosmetologists/aestheticians
  • state-of-the art equipment
  • statistical interpretation of data
  • wide volunteer range covering age, skin types, gender
  • Competitive prices and rapid TAT

Customized patch test panels can be formed depending on your needs.

Our compliance with regulatory requirements

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