Stability Testing

Our stability testing for cosmetics is based on protocols designed to test the cosmetic product attributes that are susceptible to change during storage. These attributes may influence cosmetic product quality, safety and performance. We evaluate product quality at specific time intervals during storage under controlled conditions.

Why stability testing is important

Stability testing for cosmetics ensures that a product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties, as well as its functionality and aesthetics when stored under suitable conditions.

When is stability testing necessary

You must have stability testing performed when:

  • Developing new products.
  • Reformulating already marketed products.
  • Modifying your production methods.
  • Shifting production to a new manufacturing site.
  • Modifying your product packaging.
  • Altering the type and the material of the container.

What we test for

We offer a comprehensive range of stability tests for cosmetics to meet your needs. Our experienced scientists determine the best and most cost-efficient stability test for you.

We mainly aim to estimate the stability of a cosmetic product over its shelf life. Our tests focus on:

  • Organoleptic properties – appearance, colour, odour and texture
  • Physical-chemical properties – pH, weight, assay of preservatives
  • Microbiological parameters – microbial count and preservation efficacy test
  • Compatibility – between the product and the container
  • Functionality and aesthetics – when stored under suitable conditions

We evaluate storage product quality at specific time intervals under controlled conditions. Samples are kept in elevated temperature and humidity conditions, depending on the product type and the market needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of stability tests:

  • 3, 6, 9-month stability
  • Compatibility
  • Photostability based on ICH Topic Q 1 B
  • Thermal stability
  • Shelf-life
  • Period after opening (PAO)

If you are based in the EU, we offer 24-hour courier service.

The products are stored under specific conditions, including:

  • RT (25°C/60% RH)
  • Accelerated thermal stability (40°C/75% RH)
  • 5°C
  • Light
  • Freeze-thaw cycles

We apply quality control processes throughout the stability tests, including:

  • Accelerated conditions.
  • Freeze-thaw.
  • Monitoring of physical characteristics – UV filters, heavy metals, active ingredients, microbial enumeration, challenge testing and preservatives.

In our tests we take into account the latest guidelines on stability testing:

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