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Molecular testing for food & feed, provides industry competent, accurate and timely results for Food Authenticity. DNA Microlab, member of QACS, is equipped and qualified to provide molecular food testing to retailers, supermarkets and producers involved in the food supply chain.

Αnalyze and optimize your food production and development.  Methods address the FoodFeed, Crops and Beverages industries.

Food Authenticity Testing services

Animal species detection is achieved via Real Time PCR, the most sensitive and reliable technique available. It is a fast detection method, performed in 24h-48h. Aim of the analysis is to detect and semi-quantify animal origin DNA such as beef, pork, sheep, lamb, goat, turkey,chicken, horse. The usefulness of this tool is food fraud detection (eg cow’s milk in feta or pork in beef) but also authenticity (eg certification of HALAL-VEGAN products).  Animal Species detection allows for competition and supplier control.

DNA barcoding refers to the molecular identification of plant or animal genetic material. To identify species, we check specific areas of the organism’s genome, namely barcodes. DNA Barcoding (5-7 days) applies to meat, fish, seafood, plants, herbs and spices.

Through analysis, reading and comparison of the genome with data banks, an indisputable “DNA certificate” of the organism type emerges. This way, a product acquires a seal of authenticity to protect producers & distributors from fraud (replacement of part or all by another product of lower value) and the product acquires a higher added value. e.g. the fish fillet is of the type that has been ordered and not some other of lower value, in cosmetics that there is a supply of the herb that has been ordered etc.

Food Authenticity testing with NGS provides identification of species for mixtures or biological samples. E.g. mixed products like pizzas, sausages, minced meats, herbs or spices.

NGS innovative methodology with high sensitivity and specialization allows the detection of the organism’s profile contained in a sample, both qualitatively and quantitatively.  NGS food Authenticity method is used by large foreign food companies to control suppliers, production and final products.

Videometer, a high-performance, spectral imaging system with range of applications, is ideal for image and statistical analysis of food. A “photograph”, taken at 18 wavelengths, reveals composition, texture, quality and safety information. Multispectral images assist in quantitative measurements of chemical and optical properties. It is applied for the identification of products such as meat and control of fraud in meat, oil, feed, seeds and others.

We offer a range of accredited genetic modifications tests for soyacotton and corn and for other plant species. The examination of genetic modification presence on seeds, flour, feed and food, is crucial for producers who want to verify the marketability, fulfill labeling requirements and comply with regulations. EU Regulation (EC) No. 1830/2003 and EU Regulation (EC) No. 619/2011. Constantly expanding DNA Microlab, is equipped with the latest molecular technology, Real Time PCR and experienced analysts to offer results in fast turnaround times and in prices to suit your product’s needs.

Food must be free of pathogenic microbes and complied with food regulations to ensure consumer safety. To avoid spoilage of food products leading to product recalls and economic losses, DNA Microlab provides molecular testing solutions for Quality ControlContaminant Detection and Microbiological Surveillance of finished products, air and surfaces. We use microbial identification via DNA analysis, the most accurate and reliable method of identification today to detect Salmonella spp, Listeria spp, Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella.

Why choose Food Authenticity testing

Increasing consumer concerns and recent food fraud cases, converted Food claims to the top indicator of product quality. Food fraud includes sabotage and incorrect labeling issues, with the latter leading to food recalls worldwide. Contrarily advertising, presentation, quality and safety are all substantiated by food authentication testing. Molecular Food Testing resolves religious, adulterated and label issues for all food types and products. Frequent food fraud examples include Meat and Meat products, Fish & seafood, Milk, Spices, Herbs, Olive oil, Honey and packaged products.

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