Food Testing, Feed Testing, Microbiological Food Testing, Environmental monitoring testing services, molecular testing solutions

Microbiological Food Testing services

Our microbiological testing services are offered to the food processing industry as well as food retailers, catering companies and hotels. Methods comply with our ISO 17025 quality management system ensuring data reliability.

Testing methodology 

To identify microbial strains in food and drinks, ISO17025 accredited Labs perform microbiological tests based on defined, appropriate and validated testing methods.

Microbiological food testing findings evaluate possible contaminants in food and drinks and can be addressed through traditional and molecular testing solutions.

Environmental Monitoring

QACS  labs also provide Molecular testing solutions for Environmental testing services. Genetic analysis testing aims to ensure Quality Control, Contaminant Detection and Microbiological Surveillance of finished productsingredientswater samples and production areas. Isolated microbes constitute candidates for identification, especially if their numbers exceed alert levels or action limits. The name of the microorganism’s species could play a significant role in the investigation of it’s source and in the root cause analysis. QACS provides:

  1. Microbial identification results in fast turn around times
  2. Scientific guidance and solutions to further facilitate the microorganism’s investigation
  3. Root cause analysis of any microbial contamination

Food/Feed products to be tested

  • Feed
  • Food supplements
  • Processed food and meat
  • Ready-to-eat foods
  • Packaging
  • Dairy products
  • Pastries
  • Soft drinks
  • Drinking water
  • Materials

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