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Food Stability Testing

Shelf-life tests evaluate and document how long foods maintain their intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality and properties. QACS shelf-life & stability food testing is conducted in suitable analytical, microbiological and sensory testing facilities.

Stability chambers simulate a variety of controlled temperature and humidity conditions for storage. Special equipment is available for the evaluation of oxidative stability, food texture, multi spectral imaging and other tests.

QACS Laboratory specializes in accelerated ageing technology for shelf-life testing. To accelerate food deterioration, we subject food to controlled environments and perform quality evaluation and shelf-life estimation. We apply short– and long-term protocols, depending on the expected product shelf-life.


We test your products in real time, for up to a 10-week period. We select the shelf-life test attributes based on the product type and the storage conditions.

  • Pastries
  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Ready to eat foods

We submit your products to accelerated shelf-life testing (ASLT) for at least 3 months. We select the shelf-life test attributes based on the product type and the storage conditions.

As part of the stability study we evaluate the product attributes:

  • Upon receipt
  • At defined time intervals
  • At the end of the storage time

The testing combination depends on the type of product:

  • Sensorial – appearance, colour, odour and texture
  • Physical-chemical – pH, acidity (FFA), peroxide value (PA) and assay of preservatives
  • Microbiological – total microbial count, moulds, yeasts and other bacteria

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