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Microbial Identification

The first step in resolving a microbiological issue is the correct and reliable Identification of the Microorganism causing it. At QACS, accredited Microbial Microorganism Identification is provided. Microorganisms are identified at species level using DNA technology. The identification of microorganisms is provided in the shortest possible time (24h). All categories of microorganisms such as BacteriaYeasts and Fungi are identified.

Information on the ecology, taxonomic position, growth conditions, possible pathogenesis and a brief description are given along with the microorganism species. At the same time, we provide scientific instructions and solutions for further investigation of the microbiological source (environmental monitoring- root cause analysis) and resolution of the microbiological cause.


Environmental Monitoring

Quality systems must ensure the absence of microbial contamination from production areas and subsequently from finished products. The microorganism species name could play a significant role in the investigation of its source and in the root cause analysis. At QACS we isolate microbes from finished productsingredientswater samples and production areas for identification. We offer scientific guidance and solutions to further facilitate the microorganism’s investigation and proceed to root cause analysis of any microbial contamination.

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