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Pharmaceutical Challenge Testing

At QACS, The Challenge Test Laboratory, we conduct pharmaceutical challenge testing e.g. Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing known and as Preservative Efficacy Test (PET) to substantiate preservation adequacy against microbial contamination which may occur during storage and use. QACS is a GMP certified lab for microbiological testing (non-sterility) of human and veterinary pharmaceutical products in various dosage forms.

Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET) properties are adequate when there is a significant drop or no increase of micro-organisms in the inoculated preparation at prescribed temperatures and time specific conditions.

EP reference standard

According to the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) reference standard, wherever possible, we perform Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing e.g. challenge the preparation in its final container. We use a prescribed inoculum of suitable micro-organisms, (Pseudomonas aeruginosaStaphylococcus aureusE. coliCandida albicansAspergilus brasiliensis). Screening is performed by:

  • Storing the inoculated preparation at a prescribed temperature
  • Withdrawing samples from the container at specified intervals of time
  • Counting the organisms in the withdrawn samples

Minimum sample quantity 100 g. Results available within 35 days. Preliminary real-time reports on intermediate readings throughout the screening process. If you are based in the EU, we offer 24-hour courier service

For GMP accredited pharmaceutical Challenge testing contact us –  [email protected] – 30 210 29 34745