Stability Test for Pharmaceuticals

To assess whether your pharmaceuticals retain their chemical, physical, microbiological and biological properties, we perform stability tests. This helps establish the suitable storage conditions and shelf life for your products.

What we test for

Stability is defined as the ability of a pharmaceutical substance or product to retain its chemical, physical, microbiological and biological properties at specific time intervals throughout its shelf life.

We perform stability testing on pharmaceuticals to:

  • Provide evidence on how their quality varies with time under the influence of a variety of environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity and light.
  • Establish a shelf life.
  • Recommend storage conditions.

Our accelerated stability studies

We conduct accelerated stability studies to increase the rate of chemical degradation and/or physical change of a pharmaceutical substance or product.

To achieve this we use extreme storage conditions, so as to:

  • Monitor degradation reactions.
  • Predict the shelf life under normal storage conditions.

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