Microbial Identification

DNA contains a unique fingerprint of every living species. Microbial identification via DNA analysis is today the most accurate and reliable method of identification. Our new molecular lab (DNA Microlab) is equipped with the latest technology to deliver fast and accurate results to cover your needs. Microbial identification is important in pharmaceuticals in quality control, contamination detection,  microbial surveillance of air and surfaces.  Microbes that are isolated form ingredients, air, sterile rooms, finished products are candidates for identification, especially if their numbers exceed alert or action limits. The name of the species of the microorganism could play a significant role in the investigation of its source and root cause analysis.

This technique includes microbial DNA isolation, a specific DNA fragment which contain the information’s about the species of the microorganism (bacteria/yeast/fungi) is amplified via PCR and consequently analyzed in a sequencer. Finally, the sequence is compared with public databases. Along with the species name, information’s about ecology, taxonomy, growth conditions, possible pathogenicity and a brief description, are sent.

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