Hygienic Handwash and Handrub products testing. Surgical hand disinfection products testing, Surface tests, Suspension test, Tailored Field Tests for industry. EN 13727, EN 1276, EN 13624, EN 1650, EN 1499, EN 1500

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QACS EN 14885: 2018 accreditation

QACS Accredited Disinfectant Efficacy Testing is EN 14885:2018 accredited and BPR compliant. We perform studies according to European Normatives, EN tests, to prove efficacy and substantiate Bactericidal, Fungicidal or Virucidal claims.

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Laboratory and consulting services to resolve microbiological processing issues. DNA sequencing and bibliographic analysis of results. Food authentication, Identification of microorganisms, rapid analysis of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms (Real Time PCR)

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QACS, The Challenge Test Laboratory

EU 1223/2009 Annex I -EP, USP, ISO 17025 & In-house methods
Preservation Efficacy Test Pharma

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GMP certified Nitrosamine testing at QACS. NDMA, NDEA, NMBA, DIPNA, EIPNA N-nitrosamine detection for Sartans, API’s, Final Products. We follow EDQM – FDA methodologies

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The Challenge Test Laboratory

The QACS Laboratory was founded in 2002 and since then we offer quality control and assurance services to the consumer goods industry. Our core activities focus on cosmetics, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and foodstuffs.

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We offer you a wide range of testing services to ensure that your cosmetics are safe and comply with the regulatory requirements. Discover our services.



We are a certified laboratory and conduct our tests in line with European and international protocols.

We offer quality control, design, research and development of pharmaceutical proprietary medicines. Discover our testing services and validation protocols.


We evaluate the efficacy of your disinfectants and antiseptics using a variety of European standards developed by CEN. Discover our tests.


QACS Lab in Numbers


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dedicated professionals

4000 sqm

of laboratory testing facilities


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If you are in the food business, we perform food analysis and testing based on defined, appropriate and validated protocols. Discover our services.


To test your medical devices and establish that they are safe to use, we offer reliable quality testing services. Find out which tests we perform.


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