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Allergen Testing
for Cosmetics
Regulatory Compliance to EU 2023/1545 Learn more
Microbiome Studies Validate Microbiome Friendliness
Restore Skin Balance
Support Mild formulations

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skin compatibility assessment, Patch test cosmetics, HRIPT testing, RIPT test, dermatologically tested claim, hript hypoallergenic test Dermatological Testing Patch & HRIPT

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Biocides Testing
EN 14885:2018 accredited
BPR compliant
GLP certified

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Nitrosamine Testing
for Cosmetics

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The Challenge Test Laboratory

QACS, The Challenge Test Lab, provides Quality Assurance – Quality Control Laboratory Testing services to the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Biocides and Food industries since 2002.

With an ISO 17025, ISO 9001 accredited, FDA registered and GMP & GLP certified quality management system, QACS Labs provide Microbiological – Chemical – Molecular Testing & Regulatory solutions worldwide.




Laboratory Testing Services

Welcome to QACS Lab

QACS Lab has been a trusted provider of laboratory testing solutions since 2002, serving industries including Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Disinfectant, Medical Devices, and Food. Our comprehensive analytical testing services, focused on Microbiology, Chemistry, and Molecular Biology, ensure product efficacy, consumer safety, and regulatory compliance.


Why Choose QACS Lab?

  • Industry-Leading Certifications: Our labs GMP & GLP certified, FDA registered and ISO 17025 & ISO 9001 accredited, to make QACS, your accredited Laboratory Testing partner.
  • Experienced Team: Backed by a team of experienced scientists and industry professionals, we guide clients through every stage of product development with precision and expertise.


Stay Ahead with QACS Lab

At QACS Lab, we prioritize staying informed about industry trends and regulatory requirements. Our proactive approach drives us to pioneer innovative solutions aligned with international best practices. By integrating emerging trends and standards into our processes, we ensure exceptional results that exceed expectations.


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