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qacs-laboratory-karouzel-anticeptic Biocides Disinfectant Efficacy Testing
EN 14885:2018 accredited & BPR compliant.
Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Yeastical, Virucidal claims substantiation
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nitrosamines Nitrosamines NDMA, NDEA, NMBA, DIPNA, EIPNA, NDBA Detection.
API's, Sartans, Final products.
EDQM & FDA methodologies
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Challenge Testing, Preservation Efficacy test for Cosmetics, EP or USP 51, ISO 11930, Re-inoculation Protocol, Mixed Culture, Wipe Protocol Challenge Testing Preservation Efficacy Testing - PET
EP/USP, ISO17025 & In house testing protocols
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molecular solutions Molecular Solutions Food, Pharma & Cosmetic testing & consulting solutions
Monitoring, Pathogen detection, Microbial identification, Authenticity, GMO
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microbiome claims_microbiome analysis Microbiome Analysis Personalized cosmetics
Cosmetic & personal care claims
Skin Microbiota & cosmetic testing
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Dermatological Testing Assess non-irritant & Hypoallergenic claims
Patch & HRIPT clinical trials
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The Challenge Test Laboratory





Laboratory Τesting services

Εstablished in 2002, the laboratory has since provided Quality Control and Quality Assurance testing services to the consumer goods industry. Core activities focus on Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Disinfectants, Medical devices, supplements, Food, Feed & Crops.