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cosmetic microbiome analysis, microbiome balance cosmetics, microbiome friendly cosmetics, cosmetic microbiome studies, cosmetic microbiome claims Microbiome Studies Friendliness
Skin Friendly Preservation

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skin compatibility assessment, Patch test cosmetics, HRIPT testing, RIPT test, dermatologically tested claim, hript hypoallergenic test Derma Testing Patch & HRIPT

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Challenge Testing, PET challenge cosmetics, usp 51 challenge test, iso 11930, Preservation Efficacy test Cosmetics, Vegan Cosmetic Challenge tests Challenge Testing Vegan challenge, EP/USP, Re-inoculation

Mixed, Wipe, In house protocols

ISO 17025 accredited
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Effective Preservation for mild formulations
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Safety Assessment Cosmetics, Product Information File services, Cosmetic Product Safety Report, CPSR services, cosmetic product safety information, cosmetic compliance Regulatory Compliance Cosmetics
Medical Devices

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Antiseptic testing, Biocides testing, Sanitizer testing lab, Disinfectant testing, antimicrobial efficacy testing services, cipac stability, EN14885 test Biocides Testing Antimicrobial Efficacy
Residual Effectiveness
Biocides Stability
Regulatory Compliance

EN 14885:2018 accredited - BPR compliant
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The Challenge Test Laboratory





Laboratory Τesting services

QACS, The Challenge Test Lab, provides contract laboratory testing services to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, disinfectant and food industries. QACS analytical testing services aim to deliver EU compliance, Safety and Efficacy of consumer goods and drug commodities.

Labs are ISO 17025 accredited, GMP & ISO 9001 certified to carry out competent chemical, microbiological and molecular testing services at industry competitive prices.