QACS Lab milestones are a direct result of quality system certifications and activities beyond the Greek borders. We have adopted reliable International business practices and hope to meet your industry testing needs and discuss  tailor made solutions for your product. Some of the exhibitions we have attended are mentioned below and we hope to see you in future exhibitions.


Under this year’s theme “Facing Change”, CEAC 2022 will gather industry experts, policy makers, companies and other stakeholders to discuss general, technical and regulatory developments such as:

  • The changing regulatory landscape
  • Essentiality of cosmetics
  • Future of alternatives to animal testing in Europe
  • Digital consumer information
  • International developments and much more

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CEAC 2021 will gathered industry experts, policy makers and companies, to discuss general, technical and regulatory developments in the cosmetics industry such as:

      • European Green Deal
      • Empowering consumers
      • International developments
      • Digital future