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Cosmetic Testing services

Personal care product testing assists cosmetic manufacturers with mandatory and promotional activities. In more detail, it helps you assess the analytical and clinical efficacy part of the cosmetic production in order to provide safe cosmetic products and ensure consumer safety.

Why QACS, The Challenge Test Lab

Laboratory testing services for cosmetics from QACS support you achieve safety and regulatory compliance with EU No1223/2009. Testing is conducted under optimal scientific practices and by using state-of-the-art equipment. With a wide clinical, microbiological, molecular and chemical testing spectrum performed by experienced scientists and cosmetic professionals, we support cosmetic production, ensure consumer and product safety and assist you support cosmetic claims & labeling.

QACS’s ISO17025 accredited & GMP certified laboratory systems provide regulatory compliance for personal care, cosmetic and toiletries. Cosmetic testing services include Microbiome studies, Challenge tests, Patch tests, Stability studies, In Vitro analysis, Clinical Efficacy testing, Allergen testing  and  Cosmetic Packaging Compatibility testing. We also assist you in CPNP notification and provide cosmetic Safety evaluation services.

Our experienced scientists determine the best and most cost-efficient test to achieve cosmetic regulatory compliance for your products. If you are based in the EU, we offer 24-hour courier service. Contact us –  [email protected]   – 30 210 29 34745

Assess the analytical and clinical efficacy part of cosmetic production