Medical Device Testing

Medical Device testing like Biological evaluation, Chemical examination and Mechanical properties verification determine whether a medical device is safe to use. Medical Devices Testing is necessary for manufacturers to evaluate hazard potential and product safety. Medical Devices Testing services from QACS Lab provide a complete testing package including In Vitro, Packaging, Analytical, Microbiological, Stability and Physical evaluation services.

QACS Lab provides GLP certified (Good Laboratory Practices) testing services. We operate an organized testing facility for GLP certified toxicological studies. Toxicological studies are applied on medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, disinfectants and chemicals. Check our GLP certification here.

Why is Medical Device Testing necessary?

  • Support toxicological evaluations based on safe and reliable in vitro alternative methods
  • Assess toxicological assays based on standard and custom alternative methods
  • Identify potential chemicals migration & Determine their impact on human health
  • Determine environmental effects and establish product storage and expiry date criteria
  • Test strength, brake load and other physical characteristics of Medical Devices
  • Evaluate microbiological safety by examining the presence of harmful pathogens

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Medical Devices Testing