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QACS is a GMP certified lab and provides Pharmaceutical testing analysis for quality control, design, research and development of proprietary medicines. Methodologies stay in accordance with EDQM & FDA. QACS Lab is equipped with Microbiological, Chemical and Molecular laboratory premises to provide a variety of Pharmaceutical testing services, solutions and protocols on

Our GMP compliant lab also develop and implement validation protocols to document method suitability. Pharma validation services include:

Environmental monitoring & microbial Identification services are provided via DNA testing as well as microbiologically. Pharma testing services involve Nitrosamine testingMedical device testing and others.

To learn more about how Pharmaceutical testing can assist drug production & development, fill in our contact form and find out how QACS supports drug production. Custom & standard laboratory testing methodologies are applied. If you are based in the EU, we offer 24-hour courier service.