• QACS Lab provides GLP certified (Good Laboratory Practices) testing services. At QACS we operate an organized testing facility for GLP certified toxicological studies. Toxicological studies are applied on medicines, cosmetics, medical devices, disinfectants and chemicals.  Check our GLP certification here.
  • In 2023 QACS, acquired AG.EN.T Laboratories, established in 2001 by a team of scientists with multi-year experience in the field of chemical analyses of food products. AG.EN.T has had an active presence in Quality & Residues testing. The Lab is now operating under the brand name QACSFOOD. QACSFOOD, member of QACS is a full-service Testing Laboratory for Foodstuffs and Packaging materials. We provide chemical, microbiological and molecular testing and residues testing services by following current regulations, applying innovative technologies and using state-of-the-art equipment. ISO 17025 accredited testing services from QACSFOOD assist you evaluate product Quality and Safety, from start to finish. QACSFOOD,

Comprised of 80+ experienced scientists, years of technical knowhow and state-of-the-art equipment, laboratory testing activities take place in four distinct facilities of 1800 m².

  • 10 laboratory modules, 1800 m² space
  • 3 microbiological laboratories
  • 3 chemical laboratories
  • 1 molecular laboratory
  • 1 biocide testing facility
  • 1 stability storage facility
  • 1 clinical efficacy testing facility

Services include microbiological, chemical, in vivo, in vitro and molecular analyses.

We have integrated DNA solutions to provide molecular testing solutions for Food/Feed, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  Food & Feed molecular testing solutions include Microorganisms Identification, GMO Testing, Pathogen Detection and Authenticity.

> Microbial identification is imperative in pharmaceuticals for quality control, contamination detection, microbial surveillance of air and surfaces. Microbes that are isolated from ingredients, air, sterile rooms or finished products are candidates for identification, especially if their numbers exceed alert or action limits.

QACS Lab has acquired Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the years 2018-2020.  CIR is a system that supports research and development activities for companies that are subject to corporate tax in France. CIR aims to encourage organizations to develop research and development activities by providing them with tax deduction.

QACS commenced the project for it’s GMP assessment, in line with FDA requirements. This formed a part of ongoing efforts for further quality management system certifications.

Pharmaceutical testing services & equipment expansion implemented in order to include a variety of protocols on preservation efficacy (challenge testing); to assess adequacy against microbial contamination; to perform stability/photostability testing; to determine storage conditions and shelf life; and to conduct extractables and leachables studies.

We also developed and implemented validation protocols to document method suitability. These include method validation studies and transfer method protocols, as well as cleaning validation methods.

With years of pharmaceutical testing experience our qualified scientists determine the best and most cost-effective test for your products. The QACS Laboratory is accredited with ISO 17025 & ISO 9001 quality management system and GMP certified for pharmaceutical testing.

QACS has acquired ERGANAL, a full service Quality Control laboratory for Food & Environmental analysis.

ERGANAL laboratories provide Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to the Food, Water & Wastewater, Industrial material & environmental industries. Since its establishment in 1925, ERGANAL provides accredited testing services aiming to ensure consumer safety & product quality.

ERGANAL’s core testing activities  revolve around Microbiology, Chemistry and Molecular analysis. Services include GMO testingPackaging Migration as well as analytical testing, Regulatory & Quality Assurance.

The mission of the laboratories is the qualitative improvement of food, the environment and safety standards. In this context, ERGANAL provides services complied with National & International standards, participates in research projects, collaborates with selected international research & testing laboratories and is ISO 17025 accredited. In 2015 ERGANAL and QACS were brought together under the organization QACS Ltd.

For information on future projects or any further information, please contact us at [email protected]

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) in vitro tests to evaluate skin and ocular irritation implemented.

QACS began conducting stability studies in line with the ICH guidelines. Our laboratory is fully equipped to provide services beyond the standard ICH storage conditions. QACS stability testing services assess the aesthetics, functionality, microbial quality and package compatibility of your product. Our stability testing complies with GMP requirements and is certified under ISO 9001.

  • stability testing for cosmetics
  • stability testing on pharmaceuticals

In order to ensure consumer safety within the EU, QACS became a member of ERPA (European Cosmetics Responsible Person Association).

QACS has heavily invested in Dermatological testing for Cosmetic products.

We help you assess the tolerability of cosmetic products and reveal potential irritants and allergic effects via Patch testing, HRIPT testing and Clinical Efficacy testing. QACS dermatological and clinical efficacy tests are in line with the use of human volunteers guidelines and ISO 9001 for compatibility testing of finished cosmetic products. By adopting a number of protocols related to ocular and skin compatibility properties, including wide range of clinical efficacy testing services for cosmetics, we assist you in product claims and product marketability.

Clinical Efficacy Testing  is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, under the supervision of dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Relevant facilities include: Ophthalmological testing areas, Dermatological testing areas and Regulated condition waiting room.

QACS Laboratory was certified by and operates in accordance to ISO 9001 for the regulatory compliance services offered in the areas of cosmetics, medical devices and biocides:

  • Safety assessment of cosmetic products
  • Skin tolerance assessment (patch testing)
  • Efficacy studies (in vitro & in-use tests)
  • Identification of allergens
  • Stability testing
  • Evaluation of disinfectants and antiseptics

QACS laboratory testing services and operations serve Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Biocides and Food industries worldwide. With the intend of ensuring Quality assurance and Quality Control for all our customers,  we have expanded our range of services and certifications. QACS laboratories participate in International and National fairs on an annual basis. These include: In Cosmetics, Beauty Eurasia, CPHi, Beyond Beauty, Cosmetic Business and PLMA. Our qualified team of technical experts and scientists participate as trainers and speakers in several seminars and conferences worldwide.

QACS Lab was certified for pharmaceutical testing for human medicinal products and veterinary medicinal products. QACS GMP Pharmaceutical analysis system ensures that pharmaceuticals are held to quality standards.

We invested in the development of know-how for the safety assessment of cosmetics, in line with the European regulation EC 1223/2009 for cosmetics:

  • Complete range of microbiological and chemical tests
  • Challεnge – QACS, The challenge test laboratory
  • Safety assessment (PIF)
  • Patch tests and HRIPT
  • Stability
  • Efficacy

In direct response to industry testing needs, QACS expanded its testing processes in additional new facilities of 320 m².

QACS Ltd follows ISO 17025 International standards for testing & calibration and operates with a competent quality management system. We also became accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD).

Good Manufacturing Practices certification from the NDO (Νational Drug Organization) was acquired for performing cosmetic testing. GMP is a legal requirement of EC 1223/2009 for cosmetic products to be sold in the EU market. QACS provides a full range of cosmetic testing including PIF safety assessment.