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QACS Lab provides Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing services. We use European, National and International standards for the safety, effectiveness and efficacy of disinfectant solutions. We offer Antiseptic testing, Biocides testing, Sanitizer testing, Disinfectant testing and others.

All QACS antimicrobial efficacy testing methods are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited & GMP compliant. Labs follow EN14885 specification on antimicrobial activity products and perform Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Sporicidal, Handrub / Handwash, surgical Handrub Disinfection & Virucidal tests.

Disinfectants should undergo Stability testing. CIPAC protocols specify Storage & Temperature conditions to stress the product and prove stability. QACS Antimicrobial Efficacy studies include Stability testing for Biocides according to the CIPAC stability methodology to ensure Disinfectant Efficacy for a period of two years.

For more information on Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing & CIPAC Stability/Storage Testing methods contact us – – 30 210 29 34745