QACS, The Challenge Test Lab, provides contract laboratory testing services to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, disinfectant and food industries since 2002. Always interested in and motivated by the latest technical innovations as well as normative and regulatory requirements we adopt reliable and timely international business practices that serve industries worldwide.

Labs are ISO 17025 accredited, GLP, GMP and ISO 9001 certified to carry out competent chemical, microbiological and molecular testing services at industry competitive prices.

Our mission

QACS mission is to provide quality testing services on a variety of consumer goods for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, disinfectant and food industries in order to eliminate costly product recalls, protect brand image and safeguard consumers. Through our certificates and study reports we deliver objective evidence on product quality and consumer safety. Employing socially responsible business practices towards consumers, products, regulations and industries makes QACS, The Challenge Test Lab, your desired accredited testing partner.

Our vision

With the intent to contribute towards environmental sustainability, greener supply chains, safer products and consumer well-being, QACS Labs plan on employing even more ethically and socially responsible business practices. To keep providing high value testing services, our vision remains customer focused and we continuously have life sciences at the core of our daily operation.

About us

QACS stands for Quality Assurance & Quality Control Systems. Established in the year 2002, by two experienced chemists in the fields of QA & QC, the company is based in Athens Greece and provides laboratory testing services to the industrial, private and public sectors. Our team is composed of 90+ scientists and provides testing expertise in accordance to industry needs. Expertise involved includes Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Food technology, Nutrition, Environmental management, IT, Applied Statistics,  Auditing fields.

Contact us by filling our contact form, emailing at [email protected] or calling at + (30) 210-2934745