The QACS Laboratory was founded in 2002 in Athens, Greece, to provide quality control and assurance services to the consumer goods industry. Our core activities focus on cosmetics, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and foodstuffs, through 4 distinct facilities : QACS Laboratory, QACS Pharma, DNA Microlab and Erganal.

The  QACS Laboratory milestones are linked to quality system certifications and to activities beyond the Greek borders. Influenced by technical trends and regulatory requirements, we have risen to the challenge, adopting reliable international business practices.

Through the years, we have expanded the QACS Laboratory operations in the Greek, European and Middle Eastern markets through memberships and affiliations  with leading institutes worldwide.

Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals with long experience in the consumer goods industry.
If you believe you have the skills to join our team, make sure you regularly check our job postings.

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