QACS has been expanding since it’s establishments in 2002. Testing services are conducted in four distinct facilities of 1800 m², operated by 80 experienced scientists and equipped by state-of-the-art equipment. Laboratory testing solutions are provided worldwide.

Microbiological, chemical, in vivo, in vitro, Packaging and molecular testing services are provided. Activities focus on Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Biocides, Food testing. QACS quality management system is EN/ISO17025 accredited, ISO9001 certified, GMP certified and GDPR compliant.

The Lab integrates DNA technology into services to assist industries in microorganism investigation and to root cause analysis of microbial issues. DNA services include Microorganisms Identification, GMO testing, Pathogen Detection and Authenticity.

Molecular services address to Food/Feed, Cosmetics, Pharma industries.

QACS Lab’s antiseptic facilities conduct Antimicrobial Efficacy tests.  By being EN17025 accredited and following the EN14885 scope, QACS spectrum of standard and custom biocides testing covers antimicrobial efficacy claims for:

  • Quantitative Suspension Tests (phase 1, phase 2/step1) CHEMICAL DISINFECTANTS & ANTISEPTICS
  • Quantitative Carrier Tests on non porous surfaces with or without Mechanical action (phase 2/step2)
  • Evaluation of hygienic handwash efficacy (phase 2/step2)
  • Evaluation of hygienic handrub efficacy (phase 2/step2)
  • Evaluation of surgical hand disinfection efficacy (phase 2/step2)
  • Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area

QACS is GMP compliant to proceed to Pharma testing. Activities focus on Quality Control, Environmental monitoring and Stability services for manufacturers/distributors of  API’s and final products.

We have been licensed by  NDO (National Drug Organisation) to

  • Develop and evaluate analytical control methods for pharmaceuticals
  • Determine active substances and admixtures in pharmaceuticals
  • Conduct stability studies on pharmaceuticals according to the ICH instructions for releasing batches of end products

Pharmaceutical testing services include:

Erganal, member of QACS, provides Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to the fields Food, Water & Wastewater, Industrial material & Environment. Since its establishment in 1925, Erganal offers accredited testing services aiming to ensure consumer safety & product quality.

Testing activities are structured around the poles of Microbiology, Chemistry and Molecular analysis. Services include GMO testing, Packaging Migration as well as analytical testing, Regulatory & Quality Assurance.

Mission of the laboratories is the qualitative improvement of food, environment and their safety standards. In this context Erganal provides services complied with national & international standards, participates in research projects, collaborates with selected international research & testing laboratories and is ISO 17025 accredited. In 2015 Erganal and QACS were brought together under the organization QACS Ltd.

For information on future projects or any further information, please contact us at info@erganal.gr

  • 10 laboratory modules, 1800 m² space
  • 3 microbiological laboratories
  • 3 chemical laboratories
  • 1 molecular laboratory
  • 1 biocide testing facility
  • 1 stability storage facility
  • 1 clinical efficacy testing facility